10 interesting facts about Holland

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We have specially collected for you 10 interesting facts about an incredible country and about its people, which are so different from others. This country is one of the ten happiest countries in the world and that is why it is worth paying attention to it.

Fact 1. A quarter of the country’s territory is below sea level


In addition, 50% is below one meter above sea level. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is actually 4.5 meters below sea level. Fortunately, there has never been a similar Japanese tsunami .

Fact 2. Highest


The Dutch are the tallest nation in the world with an average height of 184 cm for men and 179 cm for women. There are several versions as to why this is so. For example, due to good nutrition, well-being, and also due to the abundant consumption of dairy products.

Fact 3. The most populous state in Europe


The Netherlands is the most populous state in Europe with a population of over 1 million and a population density of 487 people per square kilometer.

Fact 4. Mountains


As such, there are no mountains in the country. Walserberg is the highest point in the country, and it is only 322.7 meters.

Fact 5. On the water


There are more canals in Amsterdam than in Venice, about which there is more talk, about the fact that it stands on the water. In general, in addition to the continental part, the city is located on 90 islands. And the piles on which houses, bridges and roads stand in the city are more than 10 million. For example, the Royal Palace stands on 13,659 wooden piles.

Fact 6. Tulips


Everyone knows that Holland is a country of tulips, there are large fields of tulips of different varieties, and they are one of the main symbols of the country, but few people know that the first tulips were brought from Turkey to the Netherlands, where they took root very well.

Fact 7. Children


About 30% of all Dutch children are born at home, and not in hospitals, as is the case around the world.

Fact 8. Coffee


The Dutch are very fond of coffee, and here they are second only to the Scandinavians. They drink at least 140 liters of coffee a year on average. That’s 3.2 cups a day.

Fact 9. English


86% of Dutch people speak English as their first language. All Dutch children learn English, and foreigners sometimes wonder how easy the Dutch are to speak English.

Fact 10. Beer


The Netherlands is one of the three largest exporters of beer in the world, and in 2001 was the first. Dutch companies export 1.3 billion liters of beer abroad, half of which goes to the United States.

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