Most visited countries in the world

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What countries do tourists visit most often? What places do the most people go to? We have compiled another top-ranking of the most visited countries in the world, based on data from the World Tourism Organization at the UN.

List of countries at the end of 2019

The most visited countries in the world

The world famous tourism organization at the UN has published the most visited countries for 2019. The ranking of countries changes every year, although the attendance of some countries does not decrease over the years.

  • France – 93.2 million
  • Spain – 82.8 million people.
  • USA – 82.2 million people.
  • China – 62.9 million
  • Italy – 62.1 million
  • Turkey – 45.8 million people
  • Mexico – 41.4 million
  • Germany – 38.9 million
  • Thailand – 38.3 million
  • Great Britain – 35.1 million people.
World Tourism Organization

Map of countries participating in the World Tourism Organization. This organization includes 158 member countries.

Where is Russia?

Of course, you will ask the question: “Where was Russia in 2019?”

Russia ranked 16th in the top with 24.6 million foreign tourists. Oddly enough, its position has not changed compared to the previous year.

Map of the most visited countries in the world

Countries on the world map that are most often visited by tourists:

France. 1st place

  • Annual number of tourists: 93.2 million
France, Paris, Eiffel Tower

France is the most visited country by tourists in the world, and Paris is the most visited city by foreigners. France has a large selection of places and attractions worth visiting.

Tourists are attracted by the local cuisine, the beauty of nature, the warm atmosphere of the cities.

Spain. 2nd place

  • Annual number of tourists: 82.8 million
Spain flag

Spain is considered not an expensive resort, popular, first of all, among Europeans themselves, as well as Americans. In Spain, most often, visitors tend to visit Barcelona , Madrid and the Canary Islands. A relatively inexpensive beach holiday, in a resort with European service, popular on the Mediterranean coast, and you will also be pleased with the local food prices.

USA. 3rd place

  • Annual number of tourists: 82.2 million
monument to 4 presidents of the United States

The USA is a big country and there is something to see – this is the Grand Canyon, and the Yellowstone volcano , and the Valley of Death, as well as many cities – New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles.

China. 4th place

  • Annual number of tourists: 62.9 million
Chinese Wall

China attracts tourists with its history and unique culture. Travelers will definitely strive to visit the Great Wall of China, look at the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City , and if they are lucky, then see Tibet , since a special permit is required to visit it.

Italy. 5th place

  • Annual number of tourists: 62.1 million

Italy is considered an elite European resort, not cheap. Tourists travel all year round, in winter they go for a drive in the Alps, in summer to the beaches, and every time of the year, it is imperative to visit Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples and other cities of the country.

Turkey. 6th place

  • Annual number of tourists: 45.8 million
Turkey Istanbul

Turkey has the largest number of ancient historical monuments. Of the cities most visited, of course, Istanbul, which is the largest city in Europe , as well as Mersin and Antalya, which are located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is popular primarily as a resort hotel over packet tours “All Inclusive» all inclusive program.

Mexico. 7th place

  • Annual number of tourists: 41.4 million

Mexico conquers tourists with its gorgeous white sand beaches. Beach holidays are especially popular here. From here you can go on a tour of the picturesque islands of Contoy, the ancient civilization of the Mayan tribe, where you will see well-preserved buildings of that time – temples, houses and even public toilets.

Germany. 8th place

  • Annual number of tourists: 38.9 million

In Germany there is something to see and where to visit, primarily Bavaria and Berlin. Ski resorts are popular in winter, and Oktoberfest can be visited in autumn . In Germany, as well as in Great Britain, there are a large number of medieval castles, the most popular is Neuschwanstein Castle.

Thailand. 9th place

  • Annual number of tourists: 38.3 million
The cost of travel to Thailand

Thailand is the most popular resort in Southeast Asia, thanks to low prices for housing and food , beautiful nature and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The biggest costs will be spent on flights to Thailand . The most popular places are Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok. You can read a lot of interesting things about Thailand in the article Unknown Thailand .

United Kingdom. 10th place

  • Annual number of tourists: 35.1 million

Great Britain ranks tenth in the ranking, but its capital London is considered the most visited city in the world (including internal movements within the country). What attracts tourists and travelers to this island? Of course, there is a rich history that has left many medieval castles as a legacy, as well as the main mystery – Stonehenge.

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