Top 10 largest cities in the world

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With the development of industrialization, more and more people are moving from rural areas to cities. This is a natural process called urbanization. The territory of cities and the number of inhabitants is growing steadily

Tokyo - the capital of Japan

The largest cities in the world by population

To determine the largest cities in the world by the number of inhabitants inhabiting them, in April 2018, scientists conducted a study called “Demographia. World Urban Areas 14th Annual Edition “. In their measurements, scientists took into account only urban agglomerations with continuous development. The accrete agglomerations were considered as one object. So where does the largest number of residents live? You will find the answer in the following list.

Agglomeration is a  compact cluster of settlements with a distinct central city.

tv tower in tokyo

10 largest cities in the world by population:

  1. Tokyo – Yokohama . The largest city on earth by population. The population is 38,050 thousand people. This agglomeration is formed by the interconnected two largest cities in Japan. Tokyo is the capital of the state and Yokohama is the largest port in the country.
  2. Jakarta . The population is 32,275 thousand people. The capital of Indonesia is gaining new residents at a very fast pace
  3. Delhi . The Indian metropolis has 27280 thousand inhabitants. The city is the second largest in India and is home to the country’s capital, New Delhi.
  4. Manila . The Philippine capital is home to 24,650,000 people, most of whom live below the poverty line.
  5. Seoul – Incheon . The agglomeration from the capital of Korea and surrounding cities is also overpopulated – 24210 thousand inhabitants.
  6. Shanghai . The leader among Chinese settlements in terms of population growth – 24,115 thousand as of April 2018. It is the largest seaport in the world and the most important financial and cultural center in China.
  7. Mumbai . The number of inhabitants is growing rapidly due to the standard of living above the average Indian – 23 265 000. The economic capital of India, 40% of all foreign trade falls on this settlement.
  8. New York . The US financial center also attracts a huge number of people – 21,575,000.
  9. Beijing . The capital of China is home to 21,250,000 people. Since 2015, population growth has slowed down, and by 2018 it had stopped.
  10. Sao Paulo . The most populous metropolis in the Southern Hemisphere – 21.1 million inhabitants. The city is an important financial center of Brazil, accounting for 12% of the country’s GDP.

And our capital Moscow still takes 15th place in this rating with 16855 thousand population, but this number is growing very quickly. On the other hand, among countries in terms of the number of million-plus cities, the Russian Federation holds an honorable fourth place. According to this indicator, China, India and Brazil are ahead of us.

The largest city in the world by area

There is also a system for measuring the area of ​​settlements, including the entire territory . This method does not take into account the continuity and density of the building. In this option, the territory is calculated taking into account water and mountain areas. What is the largest city in the world by area? Look for the answer to this question in the list below.

Chongqing is the largest city in the world

List of the largest cities by area:

  1. Chongqing (China) – 82403 km² . It is believed that the largest city in terms of area in the world is the central Chinese city of Chongqing. The territory occupied by it is huge. But this is the measurement data together with the suburbs and villages, there is no continuous building on this territory and the population density is only 373 people / km². And its urbanized area is only 1473 km². That is why it cannot be fully called the largest city in the world. The population of this administrative unit is 30,751,600 people.
  2. Hangzhou (China) – 16847 km² . The second among all cities in the world in terms of territory. Hangzhou is located on the east coast of China. It is inhabited by 8.7 million inhabitants.
  3. Beijing (China) – 16,411 sq . Km . Located in the east of the country, the most dynamically developing center of China – GDP growth from 2005 to 2013. amounted to 65%. That is why a huge number of labor migrants live in it – over 10 million illegal immigrants.
  4. Brisbane (Australia) – 15,826 sq . Km . Located on the east coast of Australia. Brisbane is very multicultural and 21% of its population is foreign.
  5. Asmara (Eritrea) – 15061 square kilometers . Despite the huge territory of the African capital, the population is only 649,000, because most of it is occupied by low-rise buildings.

The largest cities in the world by area

The list of the largest urban agglomerations and conurbations includes both beautiful cities with a rich history and many attractions, as well as the greatest industrial centers.

Conurbation is an  urban agglomeration without a clear dominant center.

New York

The largest urban agglomerations by area:

  1. New York . The largest metropolitan area on the planet in terms of its area – it covers 11,875 square kilometers. Financial capital of America and the state of the same name.
  2. Boston – Providence , USA. With all the suburbs – 9189 sq. Km.
  3. Tokyo – Yokohama , Japan (Tokyo is the capital). The agglomeration of the largest cities in Japan is located on a large territory – 8547 km².
  4. Atlanta . This American city with its metropolitan area is located on 7296 square kilometers. It is the capital and by far the largest city in the state of Georgia.
  5. Chicago . Together with the suburbs, it occupies 6856 km². It is the second most important financial center in the United States.
  6. Los Angeles . The American city with the surrounding territories is located on 6299 sq. Km. The capital of the state of California.
  7. Moscow , Russia. The Moscow agglomeration with all the suburbs of continuous development occupies 5698 square kilometers.
  8. Dallas – Fort Worth . It is a conurbation of many small towns, spread over 5175 square kilometers.
  9. Philadelphia . 5131 sq. Km
  10. Houston , USA. 4841 square kilometers.
  11. Beijing , the capital of the PRC. Quite an extended city – 4144 sq. Km.
  12. Shanghai , PRC. 4015 sq. Km
  13. Nagoya , Japan. 3885 sq. Km
  14. Guangzhou – Foshan , PRC. Of 3820 sq. Km
  15. Washington , USA. The capital of America covers an area of ​​3424 square kilometers.

Largest cities by population density

Every year the problem of overpopulation of cities is becoming more and more acute. Over the past 20 years, in the largest cities in Southeast Asia, population growth has averaged more than two percent per year. And which city bypasses all the others in terms of population density? We have compiled information on this subject in the following list.

Manila - capital of the Philippines

Top 10 largest cities in terms of population density:

  1. Manila , capital of the Philippines. It is the most populous city in the world – 43,079 people / km², and in one of the districts this figure reaches 68,266 people / km². Moreover, more than 60% of the population lives in urban slums.
  2. Kolkata , India. The population density is 27,462 per square kilometer. Over the past 10 years, the number of residents has decreased by 2%. A third of them live in urban slums.
  3. Chennai , India. The density is 24418 people per square kilometer. A quarter of all residents live in slums.
  4. Dhaka , capital of Bangladesh. 23,234 people per square kilometer. The annual population growth is 4.2%, which is one of the highest rates in the world.
  5. Mumbai , India. 20694 The standard of living here is slightly higher than in other cities of the country. Therefore, population growth is predictable.
  6. Seoul , capital of South Korea. This city is also densely populated – 16626 people / km². The capital of Korea is home to 19.5% of all residents of the country.
  7. Jakarta , capital of Indonesia. 14469 people / km² Back in the 80s, the density was 8000 inhabitants per square kilometer, and by 2018 it almost doubled.
  8. Lagos , Nigeria. 13128 people per km².
  9. Tehran , the capital of Iran. 10,456 inhabitants per square kilometer.
  10. Taipei , capital of the Republic of China (Taiwan). 9,951 people per km².

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