Top 10 stunning women born as men

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Nowadays, people who feel that they were not born in their own body have the opportunity to change their gender. Gender identity disorder can occur both in childhood and adulthood. Thanks to the operation, a person can find harmony and feel comfortable in his own body.

Today, it is customary to speak openly about the problem of transgender. And many people who have changed sex do not hide their past. Of course, some people think that in this way they are promoting same-sex relationships. However, this is not so: due to the fact that information about successful transgender people can be found in the media, people who doubt that their biological sex matches their psychological one can understand themselves and make a fateful decision. This article is all about amazing women who were born as men!

10. Caroline Cossey

Caroline Cossey

Caroline was born a boy, but at the age of 17 she realized that her psychological gender was female. She started taking hormonal drugs that drastically changed her appearance. And later, Caroline decided on a surgical operation.

Becoming a successful actress, Cossi even played one of the James Bond girls. It is hard to imagine how surprised the creators of the first Bond episodes would be if they found out that the Bond girl would someday be played by an actress who was born in a male body.

9. Trace Lisette

Trace Lissett

Trace rose to prominence as an actress even before the fact that she was once a man was revealed. It was not easy to make this confession of Lisette: she was ashamed of her past and was afraid that the producers would lose interest in her, and the directors would stop giving interesting roles. However, after Trace’s secret became public, she did not cease to be in demand. And she plays ordinary women, which is not typical for transgender actresses.

8. Amaya Scott

Amaya Scott

Amaya has won fame as one of the most beautiful models. Before becoming a model, Amaya was a young man named Arthur. The girl made the decision to change her sex when she was 17 years old. The model admits that staying in a male body would be an intolerable test for her. To achieve professional success, Amaya had not only to change sex, but also to enlarge her breasts, change the shape of her face, etc. However, the result really exceeded all expectations.

7. Andrea Pezic

Andrea Pezic

Pejic was popular before the gender change. From birth, she had an androgynous appearance and could take part in photo shoots both as a man and as a woman. And in both images, Andrea looked just stunning.

Surprisingly, Pejic was one of the sexiest men and sexiest women at the same time. However, at some point, Pejic realized that she was psychologically a woman and changed her sex. Despite this, she managed to prove to the whole world that real beauty has no gender and cannot succumb to any stereotypes!

6. Isis King

Isis King

Isis became one of the first transgender people to gain popularity on television. She became known to the audience thanks to the Tyra Banks show.

Isis realized that she was not living in her body, at a fairly early age. She performed the operation in 2009. Now she often participates in American television programs, and also starred for fashion magazines.

5. Lana Wachowski

Lana Wachowski

Lana is considered one of the most talented directors of the day. It was she who directed such films as The Matrix, V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas. These films were filmed even before Lana admitted to being trans, which means that it is impossible to accuse her of trying to attract attention to herself in this way.

Currently, Lana Wachowski continues her work as a director and works to attract public attention to the problems of transgender people.

4. Erica Irwin

Erica Irwin

This athletic girl with long slender legs is the tallest model in the world. She gained fame thanks to the filming of the popular TV series “American Horror Story”. For a long time, the actress did not tell the public about her secrets, as she feared that the audience might react ambiguously to her choice. However, Erica still admitted that she was born in a male body. And she did it in Sweden, where the public is known to be more tolerant of people who decide to change their sex.

3. Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings

Jazz’s parents discovered that their son was psychologically a girl very early on. And almost immediately, Jazz began its transition to the other sex. At the moment, the girl is hosting her own show and helping other people to realize their gender identity and make the right choice. The activist devotes a lot of effort to the problems of socialization of transgender people in a society that is far from always disposed towards them with tolerance.

2. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner

This beautiful woman has long been known to the public as the athlete Bruce Jenner. Bruce’s confession that he is actually a woman had the effect of a bombshell. During the transition, Caitlin described in detail all the manipulations and operations that she had to go through. She is currently hosting her own TV show and is one of the main authorities among people who recognize themselves as transgender.

1. Laverna Cox

Laverna Cox

This girl took part in the series “Orange is the hit of the season.” Thanks to this, she managed not only to draw public attention to the problem of transgender, but also to change the attitude towards transgender people for the better. Laverne currently has many fans around the world. She even managed to win the prestigious Emmy award, which no transgender actress has ever done before. Laverne’s face appeared on the cover of Time magazine, one of the most prestigious American publications.

Laverne openly declares her peculiarity. She is currently an activist and advocate for the rights of transgender people who are discriminated against because of their characteristics.

It does not matter what gender a person is and who he feels himself to be. The main thing is that he feels harmonious and is accepted by society. The girls covered in this article do not spend a lot of energy to change their attitude towards transgender people. This means that they make the world a better and kinder place!

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